Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Exploring Austria (v)

We spent the last days of our vacation in Munich. I know Munich is not really in Austria, but I could not resist the thrive for completeness and I called this post "Exploring Austria (v)" to set an end to my (hopefully not boring!) vacation series.

One of the biggest clashes that we experienced as we moved to Salzburg was the contrast between life in a (quite) big city like Barcelona and life in a (quite) small city like Salzburg. I think this might have been as hard as the different language or the different mentality.

We miss the big city. We miss its constant beat, its life, its breath. Even after three years, we still have not got used to not being able to watch any interesting movie for a month, because there is really no interesting movie going on for a month (!!). We miss the perfect anonymity that only a big city can provide. We miss the wonderful mixture of people that you'll only find in a big city. I even miss that feeling when you get into a bus and you know that, even after a one hour ride, you'll still be in the city.

I guess that's why we go so often to the big cities around. Munich is the one closest to us, and it is always worth another visit. Maybe because of the strange attraction that I have about some of the darkest passages in its recent history. Surely because of the Viktualienmarkt, where the most incredible products may be found, where the hobby photographer gets really crazy and from where you actually can feel the heart of the city.

Maybe because the Englischer Garten always invites to take off your shoes and feel the grass on your bare feet. Surely because of the irresistible combination of a couple of Münchner Weißwürstel with sweet mustard and a Weißbier. Maybe because you can find the most incredible restaurants in Schwabing (our latest discovery was Ignaz, a vegetarian so good that we had to have dinner there two days in a row!).

We really enjoyed our stay and it was a perfect finale for a great vacation. Most of all, because Munich is, above all, gemütlich!

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