Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Des samma mia...

What has a dance metal band like Rammstein to do with traditional Bavarian oom-pah music? I was shown this video a couple of days ago, one of the best dubbing works I've ever seen. Even the audience sing-along goes with the song!

I like it also because the song is sung in Bavarian dialect, which is quite close to Austrian dialect. I love the Austrian dialect, especially since I am able to understand it a little bit. Austrian German (and Bavarian German, too) has a much sweeter melody than Standard German, as well as a great number of own words.

I have a challenge for all those who can speak or are learning German. The first (non-native) who transcribes the singer's dialogue with the audience wins a box of Mozart balls. Good luck! :)


Di said...

Mozart balls? I'll start learning German!!! :))

Tonicito said...

Di, you've been the only participant to my challenge! So, if you send me an e-mail (you can find my address in my blogger profile) with an address, I will be more than glad to send you your Mozart balls!

Thanks for participating! :)

Tonicito said...

By the way, here's what I understood from the dialogue:

- Seid freundlich! / Smile!
- Jawohl! / Yes!
- Seid freundlich, habe ich gesagt! / Smile, I've said!
- Jawohl! / Yes!
- Seid freundlich, habe ich gesagt noch mal! / Again: Smile, I said!
- Jawohl! / Yes!
- Mir könnt ihr noch ein Weißbier bringen... / You could bring me another beer...


Di said...

Oh, Tonicito, that's so kind of you! Thanks!

Hehe, my German was good enough to get the Mozart Balls, thanks again!