Sunday, 23 December 2007

Driving home for Xmas...

Well, actually we didn't drive, we flew home. But the spirit is the same as in the song, because we started our travel (almost our journey!) yesterday in the morning and we arrived home at night. But it's really nice to meet (again or, in some cases, for the first time in person!) with those who have been supporting me all the time.

I am quite excited about these Xmas! :)


Gerd said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas,and come back to Salzburg in health and happyness to be good for an other year in austria.
Best wishes from an old Oma who left her home 42 yersago,and still is happy to go home for some day every year.
Like to visit your Blog.T.Gitta

Tonicito said...

gerd, many thanks for visiting, and I hope your Christmas was wonderful, too. I'm glad you like to visit my blog! Danke vielmals! :)