Friday, 7 March 2008

Got a little crazy today...

...and I did this:

Yes, I got myself another camera! :) The price was really a hit (€99) and I just could not resist.

Soon after we got EduDigis (our DSLR), my good old point-and-shoot PowerShot A60 passed away, and I missed a small camera to carry around ever since. Then my parents got me Nikonsita (Coolpix S200), and even though it is a great camera, it turned out it is too thin (!!) and I never really got used to it being so lightweight, especially after having had EduDigis in my hands.

My dear old A60... Sniff...

I saw yesterday this incredible offer, read some reviews on the internet and I just got myself what I hope will be an honourable successor of my very much missed A60.

Am I a little crazy? Do we really need 3 cameras? ;)

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