Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Heppy Birsday (*)

One year ago I started my Murmeltierjahre adventure. After 65 posts, I must say that blogging has changed my life. Maybe not in a profound, crucial way, but still, very often I discover myself thinking "public", thinking about an audience, thinking how could I explain this or that, what picture shall transmit best my feelings or my points.

Blogging in English has always been a real challenge to my skills. As I already told, I did not want to lose my English skills, and having so few chance to practise, Die Murmeltierjahre has been a really cool way to think in English. I always try to write English first and then translate (or rewrite) in Spanish.

I would like to thank you, yes, you that are reading these words, because without you blogging would make no sense and would be no fun. Thanks for being there and welcome to this second Murmeltierjahre season, now with a more personal layout, which I hope you'll like!


(*) German speakers use to have a lot of trouble with this TH sound (as in birTHday). It's funny to hear them sing "heppy birSday to you, heppy birSday to you, ..." ;)


Gitta said...

I dont sing it ,I say it.also I say it in Germanon Austrian "ollas guate zum Geburtsdog"
Ich mag Deinen Blog und Deine Bilder ......Herzlichst Gitta

Di said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Tonicito said...

Gitta, es freut mich sehr, dass Du meinen Blog und meine Bilder magst! Ich mag den österreichischen Dialekt, aber manchmal es ist "a Bisserl schwaa" zu verstehen! ;)

Di, thanks for being there! :)

Many thanks for commenting! And now let us all together blow the candle!!! ONE... TWO... THREE...