Sunday, 3 August 2008

The City (with a capital C)

We've just come back from the City with a capital C, the city that all the other cities wish they were.

In his Historias de Nueva York (New York Stories), Enric González tells that, in order to survive in The Big Apple, you need to have good luck.

As we arrived to the apartment we had this last week, the owner, Chris (who, incidentally, could perfectly appear in a Paul Auster novel) wished us Good luck!

And it was in that same moment that I knew, although I did not dare saying it loud, that everything would be perfect, and that we were going to miss that city as soon as we take the train to the airport. And so it has been.

nyc - seagull

I have not been able to sleep for 28 hours now. Clearly, sleeping in planes is not my thing. I hope tomorrow I am some more of a person and tell something more. Until then, good luck!

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