Saturday, 12 September 2009


On 11th September 1609, British explorer Henry Hudson, under patronage of the Dutch East India Company, set off the Atlantic coast of North America on board of the Halve Maen (half moon) to explore a promising estuary, thinking it might lead to the much desired Northwest Passage to India. Crossing The Narrows, he soon reached the southern tip of an island that was called to become the center of the world. It was called Mannahatta, "land of many hills", by the Lenape people who lived there.

Now, 400 years later, we have the opportunity to see this island through the eyes of Henry Hudson. The Mannahatta Project makes it possible.


Gitta said...

Waere bestimmt interessant gewesen heute dort zu sein und einen Vortrag zu hoeren ueber Mannahatta.
Gleichzeitig frage ich mich was wohl in 400 J.sein wird wo wir jetzt leben.Ich glaube es ist ein ewiges sich wandeln des gleichen Materials.Nichts bleibt gleich und ist doch das gleiche.......

tonicito said...

Gitta, I think it would be simply great to be there, with or without speech! ;) Your idea about everything changing made me think about Heraclitus, who said that no man could bathe twice in the same river, because the second time the water is not the same, and the man itself is not the same, too.
LG. T.