Tuesday, 15 April 2008


I like to carry all my stuff around in a bag (not a purse, a man's bag). Apart of my keys and my wallet, there are some very important things that I (almost) always carry around with me.

A book. One of the great things of commuting by bus is that I have time to read. I started doing so as I was living in Barcelona, where I had more than one hour one-way commute time (ah, the big city). The bus trip to Hallein does not last for that long (around 30 minutes) but it's quite OK too. I've never considered commute time as lost. I always try to read books that fit into my bag. Currently I read "The Spanish Labyrinth" by Gerald Brenan.

A Moleskine, because you never know when are the Muses going to smile to you, so you better be prepared. In fact, most of the posts on Die Murmeltierjahre im Land des Frühschoppens have been conceived on the ruled pages of a Moleskine.


A pen. Totally necessary to fulfill the life purpose of the Moleskine.

After adopting our third camera, I kept thinking about what I wrote: "... I missed a small camera to carry around ever since ...", and I realized that I wasn't really taking advantage of our slim Nikonsita. So I decided to extend my stuff with just one more item: Nikonsita comes with me everyday, because a hobby photographer's eye never sleeps.


experiments04 experiments02

Or maybe just because it's fun to experiment!


PS: I need to go get myself another Moleskine! :)

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