Saturday, 30 May 2009

Missing you...

Since I went away I have been missing you. Strange, isn't it? Before meeting you I expected I would like you a lot, but I could not advance that I would be attracted to you so bad that I would want for you from the distance.

Lately the wish that has been there all these months is changing to a biting yearning to which I do not seem to find a remedy.

Missing You

Damn you, dumb American TV series!


Frou Frou said...

what ?>??? You ALSO WATCH GG????

tonicito said...

Frou Frou, what can I say in my defense? :D
At first the story was not that exciting, and I was just delighted by the magical background of real NYC streets, with their walkways and construction works and cabs and mailboxes and trash cans and all. Now I'm not sure if I am eager to watch the next episode only because of the City anymore!
BTW, Adirondack bear, huh? ;)


Gitta said...

Ein Bild das fasziniert und einem zum Traeumen verfuehrt-------LG.G

tonicito said...

Gitta said...
A picture that captivates and seduces to dream... LG.G

Gitta, thanks! I am still fascinated not only by this picture but by the whole City (with a capital C!). LG, T.

Gitta said...

Have seen in the last years lots of the East, but never found the way to N.York May be next time ,if there is one.....never give up hope:-)Lg.G