Sunday, 7 June 2009

At sunrise

Niebla al alba


Gitta said...

Hab mir ueberlegt ob man das Bild nicht als Tapete benuetzen koennte.Selbst im Lehnstuhl koennte man sich dann noch fuehlen als waere man in Gottes freier Natur.
Es wirkt beruhigend, macht neugierig,
auf ein vorbeigleitendes Boot wartend,oder darauf wartend dass ein Fisch hochspringt und Guten Morgen fluestert------
Deine bilder verfuehren zum traeumen LG.G

tonicito said...

Gitta said...
I have been thinking about using your picture as wallpaper. Even sitting on an armchair you can feel as if you were in the great outdoors.
It is comforting, it makes you curious, will a boat pass through?, will a fish spring and whisper "good morning!"?
Your pictures invite to dream.

Gitta, many thanks! :) It was early in the morning and I was riding my bike along the Salzach, and just two or three sun rays illuminated the fog over the river, and I knew that I had to stop and take a picture!
I'm happy you like my pics!