Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Badewetter (*)

Our neighbours, Paca and Gertrud, taking a refreshing bath against the high temperatures.


Don't they look happy? ;)

(*) lit. "bath weather", meaning something like beach weather, is what the local weatherpersons say when temperatures over 25°C are forecast.


Gitta said...

Did you not tell your neighbars animals it can be dangeres to take the "weekly" bath in the washmashine?or did you immunize them against water?Everybody can see they are feeling very hot,the tongue of Mr.or Mrs. is hanging longer like my real dogs one....what a pain :-) LG.G

tonicito said...

Gitta, no reason to worry, both of them really enjoyed their bath! :) For Gertrud (the one with the long tongue) it was a very refreshing experience and also for Paca, although she came out a little frightened, we could tell by her face! :D
LG. T.