Saturday, 11 July 2009

The journey


(*) Ismaël Lô - Tajabone


Gitta said...

Hab meine Augen geschlossen,und zugehoert und mich in die Weite meine Weite vesetzt------war schoen!Kannst Du es bitte uebersetzen?LG.G

tonicito said...

Gitta said...
I closed my eyes and listened, and I was transported far far away ---it was nice! Can you please translate it? LG. G

Gitta, it is a very beautiful song indeed! Unfortunately, I cannot translate it, because (as I learned) it is in wolof, the language spoken in Senegal, where Ismaël Lô comes from.
But I do know that Tajabone is a Moslem festival during Ramadan where children go around houses and exchange fruits, grain and clothing.

Gitta said...

Kind a I thought so, it must be Moslem or african.But thanks anyway.It is a nice melody.LG.G