Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Fahren Sie uns bitte zur Farystrasse: in memoriam

(Pictures from El Periódico de Catalunya online)

El Fary passed away yesterday. He was a famous and beloved Spanish singer, to whom I would like to pay my modest homage by telling a story that always brought a smile to my face.

This is a Spaniard who lives in Ingolstadt, Germany, who is a big El Fary fan.
Every time that he gets a cab to go home
after party, he tells the cab driver, with a very serious face: "To El Fary Street, please" ("Fahren Sie uns bitte zur Farystrasse").
The cab driver does not understand.
"Yes, that's right: El Fary Street".
The driver gets a little mad.

The Spaniard says "What? You know who El Fary is, don't you?"
The angry Teuton gets himself an Ingolstadt street guide.
The Spaniard begins to sing "El Toro Guapo" while the cab driver points vehemently to the empty spot between Fanderlstrasse y Fauststrasse on the alphabetical street list.

Maestro, we will never forget you.

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