Saturday, 23 June 2007

Through my window

I have yet another meme to do. Mar did not only send me the one with the 8 things about me, but the one with the photos of your window at work, too.

Well, I work in Hallein, which is a town some 20km to the south of Salzburg. The company where I work is not really big (6 people), and it is located in a two-story country house. My workplace is on the ground floor, which was formerly the garage of a truckage company.

From the biggest window we see basically our neighbour's garden and on a very far background, and if the weather is good, some of the peaks of the Tennengebirge. They cannot be seen on this photo because I did not want the window to be too dark. And that's quite a challenge: the contrast between highlights and shadows was too big for my poor compact camera. I will try to shoot a better one, I promise!

My favourite workplace is one in the back room. We have a kind of reserve computer there to run some daily software tests and other routine tasks. I like when I have to work on that computer, because the side of the Dürrnberg begins just 20 meters away and all you can see are spruces and fir trees. And also because I can check how our little apple tree is doing on the backyard.

I am supposed to designate some other people to do this meme. But I will leave it once again to the will of everyone. If you read this, and you find it nice, and you want to do it, just take your camera to work and follow the meme!


* * * * EDITED on 5th July * * * *

I edit to put another photo. This one is done from the second floor, where my workplace was during my first five months working for the company.

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