Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Spanish version available!

I decided to write this blog in English basically for two reasons: first, to start practising my english again, and second, so that my Austrian friends can read my thoughts as well.

Even though these two reasons still hold, I realised in these 5 first posts that the language flow is not really the same as when writing in your mother tongue. I have always tried to think directly in English, because nothing is worse than translating what's in your mind.

Nevertheless, I wasn't quite happy with the idea of not writing in Spanish. Mar has a fantastic Spanish blog, and seeing how her writing flows made me realise that maybe not writing in my mother tongue was a mistake. But, on the other side, not writing this blog in English is a mistake too. There are too many people out there who might find what I say funny or interesting who cannot read Spanish, and that's just too bad...

If you don't know which one to choose, just take them both! I decided to keep this blog in English and to start its Spanish alter ego. One of my dreams is to devote my life to live in a Café and write about what happens around me, about what goes through my mind. I guess one of the things that pushed me to write this blog is to try pursuing that dream. Now I decided to pursue it in parallel with twin blogs. I will try not to let them be merely mirrors, but let each one find its own place. This one, the English one, will keep being Die Murmeltierjahre im Land des Frühschoppens. The Spanish version has been born with the name Und komisch spricht das Murmeltier. As I already explained, the groundhog is an important reference of our life in Salzburg. The movie "Groundhog Day" was called "Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier" ("And every day greets the groundhog") in German. "Und komisch spricht das Murmeltier" means "And the groundhog speaks weird", because now the groundhog speaks Spanish, too!


daragones said...

Hi! Good decision to begin writing in 'lengua-patria', jejeje

Doncs, molt bé l'article sobre fotografia de l'altre dia, em van encantar...

I per rematar-ho, linkant aquí i allà he arrabat a la pàgina del Hall of Farce, ufff quins records! :´(

Tonicito said...


Quina alegría de veure't per aquí! Jo també vaig a parar de tant en tant al Hall of Farce, i també... ufff.... :D

Una abraçada!

Bek said...

Ich bin froh, dass du auf Englisch schreibst. Ich deinen Blog bookmarked. Ich finde es sehr interessant, wie andere Leute Oesterreich finden. Ich habe vor einigen Jahren mal angefangen, spanisch zu lernen, aber ich eigentlich gar nichts mehr. Also vielleicht hilft mir dein Blog etwas, wieder etwas mehr auch daran interessiert zu sein.

Tonicito said...

Bek: Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar! Ich bin auch froh, dass du meinen Blog ab und zu besuchst.
Ich habe am Anfang überlegt, auf Deutsch zu schreiben, aber es ist mir (noch!) zu kompliziert.
Als ich nun Deutsch als Erwachsener lerne, habe ich auch gelernt, dass es nie zu spät ist, eine neue Sprache (egal welche!) zu lernen. Ich würde mich also freuen, wenn mein Blog dir hilft, deine Spanisch Kenntnisse aufzufrischen. Du kannst freilich jederzeit mit meiner Hilfe rechnen!